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Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics is the Europe’s leading event showcasing the technologies and analytic approaches that accelerate next-generation antibodies to commercial success.

ENPICOM will be on-site all week to unveil our brand new IGX Platform App for enrichment analysis, answer questions, and give live demos. Don’t miss our talk and stop by our booth in the exhibition hall. Use the form to book your demo now!

  • June 7 – 9, 2022
  • Postillion Hotel, Amsterdam
  • Visit us at booth #19
  • In-person & Virtual

Watch our presentation: Thursday, 9 June, 13:50

  • Antibody display technologies empower antibody discovery by screening millions of candidates against potential targets. However, panning experiments can generate massive, technically challenging datasets, further complicated by multiple panning conditions making enrichment analyses a daunting task.

    IGX-Track provides a visual, flexible, and intuitive environment that makes it easy to compose any analysis workflow that matches your wet lab panning experiment design and helps you select the best antibody candidates.

  • As Team Lead Product Management at ENPICOM, Lorenzo manages all phases of product development: from discovery, envisioning, and prototyping solutions to guiding development and implementation. During his Ph.D. at the Schumacher lab at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Lorenzo worked on a variety of projects, ranging from improvements to adoptive cell therapy, to assessing the immunological foreignness of human cancers. Lorenzo also contributed to several clinical trials in which he explored the use of repertoire sequencing to identify therapy-induced changes in patients treated with immunotherapeutic interventions.

Visit us at booth 19
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Meet our new App to analyze antibody display data in an intuitive and visual way, easily perform multi-dataset comparisons, and identify highly enriched candidates with the best characteristics.

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