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The analysis of immune repertoire sequencing (Rep-Seq) data is not straightforward and requires the integration of various disciplines, including immunology, bioinformatics, and statistics. The ENPICOM team harbors the knowledge in all relevant research areas required to tackle the complexity of Rep-Seq data. When needed, we can perform custom data analysis to address your specific questions that go beyond standard IGX Platform functionality.

Tailored deep learning solutions

What do we offer?

  • From the processing of specific sequencing constructs to the statistical analysis of clonotype data, work with our experts to find the answers you need. Our scientific team is up to date on the latest developments in the immunogenomics field and can assist you with any aspect of repertoire analysis. Upon request, we can perform small research pilots up to large contract research projects.

  • A germline database is used to annotate the gene segments that are in an immune receptor. Certain experimental approaches or model systems may require custom germline databases for use in the IGX Platform and by other analysis tools. Upon request, ENPICOM builds and validates custom germline databases for use in the IGX Platform.

  • Do you have questions about Rep-Seq sequencing, or would you like us to take a look at your results? Would you like us to think along while you set up your wet- and dry-lab assays? Our experts provide consulting services to help you and think along every step of the way.

Work with the experts

The ENPICOM team has expertise in all research areas required to tackle the complexity of immune repertoire data, including immunology, bioinformatics, statistics, and software engineering.

Benefit from the latest technologies

Embedded in the forefront of the scientific community and following the latest technology, we are continuously developing new methods and bring you the most advanced analysis solutions.

Get support beyond a report

Consult with our technical experts to discuss your more advanced analysis needs and get to the desired insights even faster.

Customize your favorite application

Tailored software extensions to answer specific research or clinical questions can be custom-built or co-developed, in collaboration with ENPICOM’s team of experts.

Service deliverables
Quality report

We provide our customers with detailed quality reports, making sure you can trust the data analysis is based on solid ground.

Access to any data files

Your raw FASTQ files (for full service) and all intermediately generated data can be annotated and made available upon request.

Publication-ready graphs

We provide publication-ready graphs and descriptions to help you with your next (scientific) publication.

Full-service repertoire sequencing

Together with Cerba Research, a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in (molecular) diagnostic testing and assay development, we deliver full immune repertoire sequencing and analysis service. Starting from sample material (e.g. blood or tissue) or extracted template material, we provide you with a full-service proposition: sample preparation, sequencing, data analysis, and visualization. Private access to our IGX Platform enables you even to further interrogate your data to get to the best possible insights.

  • Human BCR and TCR
  • Unique molecular identifiers (UMI)
  • Wet- and dry-lab workflow integration
  • Extra quality control measures available
Person putting a drop in a test tube
From sample to discovery

Cerba Research has a team of quality-minded employees with proven scientific and clinical laboratory experience. They are recognized by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and key opinion leaders as a reliable business partner providing superior service and currently serves multiple international pharmaceutical companies, including 10 of the worldwide Top 20.

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