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ENPICOM press release
ENPICOM partners with Erasmus University Medical Center in groundbreaking effort to discover nanobodies against cancer
Press release.
ENPICOM and Carterra advance antibody screening by integrating biophysical characterization and repertoire sequencing analysis
In pursuit of precision: Validating IGX-Profile against a benchmark Rep-Seq dataset
Navigating the immune repertoire: A deep dive into applications, workflows, and new sequencing chemistries
From sample to discovery: Applications, challenges, and the path ahead in full-service repertoire sequencing
Adopting a user-centered approach to biotech software design and development
Accurate clone annotation for antibody and TCR discovery
ENPICOM secures extended financing from BOP Capital, BOM Brabant Ventures, Nextgen Ventures, and Arches Capital
ENPICOM announces CEO transition
IGX Platform Login experience.
Authentication in the IGX Platform
2022 in review: ENPICOM’s highlights
Efficiently using Amazon Web Services
Strength in numbers: Using next-generation sequencing with display technologies for antibody discovery
Vaccine development innovation & collaboration in action: The Inno4Vac project
The animal side of antibody discovery
ENPICOM receives ISO 27001:2013 certification
Phylogenetic analysis of BCR repertoires: Benefits, challenges, and considerations
Accurate developability assessments of antibody candidates with the IGX Platform
From a great idea to best in class SaaS Platform to improve immunotherapy discovery and development
Experiencing being an intern at ENPICOM 
Daan Prince joins ENPICOM as Chief Financial Officer
Paul van der Velde joins ENPICOM as Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Technology Officer
Live Webinar.
Meet IGX-Track: Our unique new App for seamless analysis of antibody display data
ENPICOM launches versatile display data analysis solution to accelerate antibody selection while maximizing precision
Genovac further enhances its antibody discovery services with the ENPICOM IGX Platform
ENPICOM increases speed and scalability in antibody discovery with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ted Kloosterman joins ENPICOM as Head of Commerce
ENPICOM secures Series B funding to scale up operations to meet the high demand for its antibody discovery SaaS Platform
2021 highlights: ENPICOM’s year in review
Meet IGX Platform 3.1: More flexibility and control for your seamless Rep-Seq analysis workflow
ENPICOM participates in Inno4vac, a European new public-private partnership to innovate vaccine development
Live Webinar.
From sample to discovery: Advancing your research with full-service immune repertoire sequencing & analysis
ENPICOM introduces a powerful liability prediction solution to de-risk antibody development
ENPICOM is featured among the top 50 fastest growing Data Science SMEs in the Netherlands
ENPICOM to integrate renowned structural antibody prediction tools developed at the University of Oxford
Empowering research teams: The path to accessible immune repertoire data
Zai Lab selects ENPICOM’s IGX Platform to leverage new NGS-powered antibody discovery workflows
The impact of high-throughput immune repertoire sequencing on the analysis of antibody responses: A conversation with Prof. Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam of Karolinska Institute
Live Webinar.
Webinar: Understanding the role of B cells in cancer through antibody repertoire analysis
Breaking the UX barrier: Towards user-focused biomedical software
ENPICOM and Viroclinics-DDL receive joint MIT R&D ZH subsidy to accelerate and improve antibody and vaccine discovery and development
ENPICOM joins the MIRIADE consortium
On demand webinar
On-demand webinar: Presenting the new Antibody Discovery Module
Introducing the IGX Platform 3.0
ENPICOM introduces an end-to-end solution for fast and efficient antibody discovery
Wrapping up 2020: ENPICOM milestones, events, and innovations in review
ENPICOM partners with MiLaboratories
ENPICOM and MiLaboratories join forces to power better Repertoire Sequencing data management and analysis workflows
ENPICOM services Neogene Therapeutics with its T cell repertoire sequencing data handling and analysis solution
ENPICOM is now a corporate sponsor of The Antibody Society
Single-cell sequencing: Industry trends and developments
University Health Network, Canada’s largest research hospital, selects ENPICOM’s IGX Platform to analyze and manage immune sequencing data
Introducing the IGX Platform 2.1
Gaining a deeper understanding of the immune system: A conversation with Prof. Dirk Busch and Dr. Kilian Schober of the Technical University of Munich
Rep-Seq applications: Infectious disease
Fighting COVID-19 and transforming infectious disease research with immune repertoire sequencing
More data from a single cell: Advancing your immunology research with Repertoire Sequencing
Single-cell and beyond: How to better exploit paired-chain immune repertoire data
On-demand webinar ENPICOM
On-demand webinar: Maximize your Rep-Seq data output with an end-to-end platform
ENPICOM secures funding
ENPICOM receives a €1.13 million follow-on investment
ENPICOM is one of the top 50 fastest growing Data Science SMEs in the Netherlands
IGX 2.0 release
ENPICOM deepens insights into the immune system enabling faster precision medicine development and pandemic prevention
2019 highlights: ENPICOM’s year in review
ENPICOM and Cytura Therapeutics partner on early cancer detection
Introducing IGX Platform 1.1
ENPICOM has been featured as one of the 20 cutting-edge tech companies of 2019
ENPICOM opens satellite office in Science Park Amsterdam
ENPICOM has been recognized as one of the 15 most promising biotech startups in Europe in 2019
Introducing the IGX Platform to the AIRR Community
DDL lab collaboration
DDL diagnostic laboratory and ENPICOM join forces
Bridging the gap with ENPICOM
ENPICOM launches unique immune sequencing data analysis platform
ENPICOM secures funding
ENPICOM secures funding round to finalize IGX Platform development
Survey results
Survey results: European immunotherapy companies have great concerns regarding increasing costs and long development timelines
Setting new standard in BCR repertoire analyses
ENPICOM sets a new standard for B cell receptor repertoire analysis
Combination therapy
Towards a predictable combination therapy for multiple cancer types
Scientific presentation 2018
New scientific presentation: Accelerate your immunotherapy target discovery using immune repertoire sequencing
ENPICOM team wins Microsoft Genomics Hackathon
Scientific poster
Scientific poster from UKE/ENPICOM receives award at annual meeting of DGHO
ENPICOM presenting at ByteMAL 2018
CSO of ENPICOM gives keynote lecture at ByteMAL Conference 2018
ENPICOM receives Eurostars award
ENPICOM poster
ENPICOM releases immune repertoire sequencing analysis platform to personalize immunotherapies
Immunomonitor introduction
EUROSTARS grants project funding for IMMUNOMONITOR consortium led by ENPICOM
ENPICOM at BioSB 2018, 4th Dutch Bioinformatics & System Biology Conference
ENPICOM featured in GenomeWeb
ENPICOM featured in GenomeWeb, world’s leading life science technology news outlet
Jos Lunenberg. CEO of ENPICOM
With new CEO ENPICOM enters its next phase
ISMB 2017 / ECCB 2017
ISMB2017 / ECCB2017 in Prague
Amsterdam data science event
Amsterdam Data Science event
BioSB 2017 in Lunteren
RSG Symposium on Computational Genomics in Mainz, Germany
DTL collaboration
ENPICOM joins the Dutch TechCentre for Life Sciences