Enrichment analysis

Display technologies, whether in ScFv, Fab, or VHH formats, or expressed in phage, yeast or mammalian cells, can generate numerous panning outputs coming from various rounds and conditions. High-throughput sequencing allows for characterization of not only a large number of final output isolates but also intermediate rounds. This can help find many more interesting leads as well as gather abundance and enrichment metrics useful for hit selection. To fully take advantage of the powerful combination of NGS and biopanning, you need the ability to integrate them into complex analysis workflows. This includes performing operations like intersections, unions, or subtractions that match your experimental panning design.

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Discover highly enriched candidates in your panning campaigns

Antibody display campaigns can generate numerous datasets. The analysis of this data is slow, resource-intensive, and picking candidates often relies on making decisions on a hunch.

IGX Platform provides a fast, intuitive way to compose any comparison and enrichment analysis workflow that matches the design of your panning campaigns. It incorporates all therapeutic characteristics – such as enrichment scores, liability predictions and other in-silico predictions – into a single, dynamic application. This enables you to easily select the best therapeutic candidates with greater efficiency.

Simply select better clones from your panning data
ease of use
Quickly annotate large datasets

Profile several NGS samples and annotate all relevant regions in a single simple step.

Analyze complex panning strategies

Freely join, intersect, and subtract your datasets to match your panning campaign design.

Easily identify enriched candidates

Track clones across panning rounds to identify highly enriched candidates through interactive, user-defined visualizations.

Rely on data, not a hunch

Avoid bias by overlaying accurate liability predictions, assay data, and more onto enrichment graphs and make fully informed choices.

Maximize selection precision

Easily subtract irrelevant antibodies identified in control panning conditions from candidates found enriched on target.

Go beyond the tip of the iceberg

Broaden your analysis beyond just the most frequent clones with our scalable, NGS-ready architecture.

With panning data analysis, an intuitive user interface is not a nice-to-have — it’s critical.

Rely on data to make the right choice, every time.

    • Compare enrichment through tabulated views and interactive plots.

    • Perform an integrated analysis in a single, powerful tool.

    • Explore interactive visualizations with all your metadata.

    • Change analysis parameters and compute updated results in minutes.

    • Join, intersect, and subtract many datasets.

    • Compose analyses that match your campaign design.

    • Include developability profiles, liability and other in-silico predictions.

    • Access Heavy & Light chain information at any stage.

    • Apply flexible thresholds to quickly get to the clones with the best properties.

How it works

enrichment analysis workflow