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November 14, 2023 Author: Piotr van Rijssel
Data-driven discovery made easy, scalable, and ready for the ML era
November 16, 2023 Author: Illumina & Cerba Research & ENPICOM
Navigating the immune repertoire: A deep dive into applications, workflows, and new sequencing chemistries
June 6, 2023 Author: Néstor Vázquez Bernat
A recipe for data-driven therapeutic discovery: Advances, ingredients, and applications
May 15, 2023 Author: Piotr van Rijssel
Data-driven lead discovery for modern wet-lab platforms
March 30, 2023 Author: Jelle van Schooten
Seamless integration of antibody sequencing and screening data for lead discovery
February 9, 2023 Author: ENPICOM & The Antibody Society
Setting up Rep-Seq for antibodies: There and back again
December 5, 2022 Author: Piotr van Rijssel
Integrated data analysis for antibody discovery
September 11, 2022 Author: Ellingsen EB, Bounova G, Kerzeli I, Anzar I, Simnica D, Aamdal E, Guren T, Clancy T, Mezheyeuski A, Inderberg EM, Mangsbo SM, Binder M, Hovig E, Gaudernack G
Characterization of the T cell receptor repertoire and melanoma tumor microenvironment upon combined treatment with ipilimumab and hTERT vaccination
February 10, 2022 Author: Broeren MGA, Wang JJ, Balzaretti G, Groenen PJTA, van Schaik BDC, Chataway T, Kaffa C, Bervoets S, Hebeda KM, Bounova G, Pruijn GJM, Gordon TP, De Vries N, Thurlings RM
Proteogenomic analysis of the autoreactive B cell repertoire in blood and tissues of patients with Sjögren’s syndrome
November 14, 2022 Author: Néstor Vázquez Bernat
Minimizing lead optimization with data-driven antibody discovery
Anti body development process
April 10, 2021 Author: Néstor Vázquez Bernat, Josine oude Lohuis, Henk-Jan van den Ham
High-throughput Sequencing Technologies are Revolutionising Antibody Discovery
September 27, 2022 Author: Nicola Bonzanni
Raising the bar for NGS-powered antibody discovery with flexible enrichment, accurate developability, and interactive phylogenetic analysis
March 15, 2021 Author: Arnaout RA, Prak ETL, Schwab N, Rubelt F, Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Community
The Future of Blood Testing Is the Immunome
Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Europe
June 24, 2022 Author: Lorenzo Fanchi
Tracking antibody enrichment in display libraries with the IGX Platform
On demand webinar
June 28, 2022 Author: ENPICOM
Meet IGX-Track: Our unique new App for seamless analysis of antibody display data
March 21, 2022 Author: Néstor Vázquez Bernat
Select better antibodies using high-throughput structural liability predictions 
January 18, 2022 Author: Piotr van Rijssel
Discovery and prioritization of novel antibodies with advanced repertoire analysis and exposed liability predictions
OGL Biologics UK
September 6, 2021 Author: Nicola Bonzanni
Rapid and efficient discovery of developable antibodies with NGS data and structural liability analysis
On demand webinar
October 14, 2021 Author: ENPICOM & Viroclinics-DDL
From sample to discovery: Advancing your research with full-service immune repertoire sequencing & analysis
September 28, 2021 Author: ENPICOM
De-risking antibody development by predicting exposed liabilities using high-throughput structural modeling
AET Europe 2021
June 11, 2021 Author: ENPICOM
Boost your candidate pool by mining NGS data for developable and diverse antibodies
October 24, 2022 Author: ENPICOM
Simply select better antibodies with the IGX Platform
May 12, 2021 Author: ENPICOM
Expand and improve your antibody candidate pool by integrating high-throughput sequencing
On-demand webinar ENPICOM
May 11, 2021 Author: ENPICOM & MiLaboratories
Understanding the role of B cells in cancer through antibody repertoire analysis
FOB 2019 banner
March 31, 2021 Author: ENPICOM
Simply select better antibodies through advanced clustering and phylogeny
On demand webinar
February 18, 2021 Author: ENPICOM
Simply select better antibodies: Presenting the new Antibody Discovery Module
Responsiveness to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Is Associated With a Peripheral Blood T-Cell Signature in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
November 16, 2020 Author: Donjete Simnica, Minke Smits, Edith Willscher, Lorenzo F. Fanchi, Iris S.H. Kloots, Inge van Oort, Winald Gerritsen, Niven Mehra, and Mascha Binder
Responsiveness to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Is Associated With a Peripheral Blood T-Cell Signature in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Genomics Live 2019
November 11, 2020 Author: ENPICOM
Advancing immunology research with repertoire sequencing data and the IGX Platform
November 5, 2020 Author: ENPICOM
Streamline your candidate selection with clustering and phylogenetic analysis of antibody sequences
Oxford Global banner
October 28, 2020 Author: ENPICOM
Accelerating scientific discovery with database integrations
August 13, 2020 Author: Kilian Schober, Pim Fuchs, Jonas Mir, Monika Hammel, Lorenzo Fanchi, Michael Flossdorf, Dirk H. Busch
The CMV-Specific CD8+ T Cell Response Is Dominated by Supra-Public Clonotypes with High Generation Probabilities
Schultheiss et al. 2020 Hepatology
July 21, 2020 Author: Christoph Schultheiß, Donjete Simnica, Edith Willscher, Anna Oberle, Lorenzo Fanchi, Nicola Bonzanni, Nils H. Wildner, Julian Schulze‐Zur‐Wiesch, Christina Weiler‐Normann, Ansgar W. Lohse, Mascha Binder
Next‐generation immunosequencing reveals pathological T cell architecture in autoimmune hepatitis
On demand webinar
July 1, 2020 Author: ENPICOM
Single-cell and beyond: How to better exploit paired-chain immune repertoire data
On-demand webinar ENPICOM
May 26, 2020 Author: ENPICOM
Maximize your Rep-Seq data output with an end-to-end platform
Schober et al 2020 Nat Immunol - Fig S3b
March 16, 2020 Author: Kilian Schober, Florian Voit, Simon Grassmann, Thomas R. Müller, Joel Eggert, Sebastian Jarosch, Bianca Weißbrich, Patrick Hoffmann, Lisa Borkner, Enzo Nio, Lorenzo Fanchi, Christopher R. Clouser, Aditya Radhakrishnan, Lorenz Mihatsch, Philipp Lückemeier, Justin Leube, Georg Dössinger, Ludger Klein, Michael Neuenhahn, Jennifer D. Oduro, Luka Cicin-Sain, Veit R. Buchholz & Dirk H. Busch
Reverse TCR repertoire evolution toward dominant low-affinity clones during chronic CMV infection
February 12, 2020 Author: Sjoerd Klarenbeek, Chris W. Doornebal, Sjors M. Kas, Nicola Bonzanni, Jinhyuk Bhin, Tanya M. Braumuller, Ingrid van der Heijden, Mark Opdam, Philip C. Schouten, Kelly Kersten, Jos Jonkers
Response of metastatic mouse invasive lobular carcinoma to mTOR inhibition is partly mediated by the adaptive immune system
Setting new standard in BCR repertoire analyses
May 10, 2019 Author: Jorrit Posthuma, Lorenzo Fanchi, Henk-Jan van den Ham, Alvise Trevisan, Nicola Bonzanni
AIRR Community, 2019 – Bridging the gap: Manage, analyze, visualize, and interpret repertoire sequencing data using the IGX Platform
April 2, 2019 Author: Pim Fuchs, Henk-Jan van den Ham, Nuray Akyüz, Donjete Simnica, Mascha Binder, Nicola Bonzanni
BioSB, 2019 – Monitoring the effect of immunomodulatory treatment on the immune repertoire using the IGX platform
May 15, 2018 Author: Henk-Jan van den Ham, Alvise Trevisan, Jorrit Posthuma, Jan Blom, Jos Lunenberg, Nicola Bonzanni
17th CIMT Annual Meeting, 2018 – Scalable end-to-end immune repertoire analysis: The ImmunoGenomiX Platform
ENPICOM's presentation at the Genomics Live 2019 conference
December 4, 2019 Author: Josine oude Lohuis
Genomics Live, 2019 – Organize your repertoire sequencing data with the IGX Platform
ENPICOM's presentation at the World Vaccine Congress
October 30, 2019 Author: Nicola Bonzanni
World Vaccine Congress, 2019 – Monitor vaccination studies using repertoire sequencing and the IGX Platform
ENPICOM's presentation at the European Antibody Congress 2019
October 15, 2019 Author: Lorenzo Fanchi
European Antibody Congress, 2019 – Discovery and prioritization of novel antibodies using repertoire sequencing and the IGX Platform
ENPICOM's scientific presentation at the World Vaccine Congress
October 31, 2018 Author: Nicola Bonzanni
World Immunotherapy Congress, 2018 – Accelerate your immunotherapy target discovery using immune repertoire sequencing
July 25, 2019 Author: Donjete Simnica, Nuray Akyüz, Simon Schliffke, Malte Mohme, Lisa v.Wenserski, Thorben Mährle, Lorenzo F. Fanchi, Katrin Lamszus & Mascha Binder
T cell receptor next-generation sequencing reveals cancer-associated repertoire metrics and reconstitution after chemotherapy in patients with hematological and solid tumors
August 21, 2019 Author: Donjete Simnica, Simon Schliffke, Christoph Schultheiß, Nicola Bonzanni, Lorenzo F. Fanchi, Nuray Akyüz, Barbara Gösch, Christian Casar, Benjamin Thiele, Janina Schlüter, Ansgar W. Lohse and Mascha Binder
High-Throughput Immunogenetics Reveals a Lack of Physiological T Cell Clusters in Patients With Autoimmune Cytopenias
January 24, 2019 Author: Thorben Mährle, Nuray Akyüz, Pim Fuchs, Nicola Bonzanni, Donjete Simnica, Ulrich Germing, Anne Marie Asemissen, Johann-Christoph Jann, Florian Nolte, Wolf-Karsten Hofmann, Daniel Nowak, and Mascha Binder
Deep sequencing of bone marrow microenvironments of patients with del(5q) myelodysplastic syndrome reveals imprints of antigenic selection as well as generation of novel T cell clusters as response pattern to lenalidomide