About us

Decoding the immune system

We create innovative software solutions that empower researchers to quickly analyse immune repertoire data, identify new insights and novel therapeutics.

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It starts with our platform

The IGX Platform enables scientists to go from raw sequencing data to new therapeutic candidates more efficiently. Powered by cutting-edge analysis algorithms, it offers superior visualizations within an intuitive interface. It is a one-of-a-kind code-free platform that continuously grows to provide the newest solutions to emerging data analysis needs.

IGX-Track graphic view of bar plots.

Bringing you from sample to discovery

We also offer tailored analysis services for specific research questions and studies. This includes full immune repertoire sequencing in collaboration with Viroclinics-DDL, a Cerba Research Company. Our experts will help you design the approach tailored to your study: going from sample to discovery has never been easier.

A graphic portraying the IGX service pipeline.
Our team

We are a driven team of immunologists, bioinformaticians, and software engineers,

passionate about scientific research and dedicated to developing effective solutions.


Headshot of Nicola Bonzanni.
Nicola Bonzanni

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Headshot of Paul van der Velde.
Paul van der Velde

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Jorrit Posthuma.
Jorrit Posthuma

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Anke Thönissen-Maertens.
Anke Thönissen-Maertens

Head of Operations

Headshot of Lorenzo Fanchi.
Lorenzo Fanchi

Product Management Team Lead

Headshot of Henk-Jan van den Ham.
Henk-Jan van den Ham

Research Team Lead

Headshot of Pim Fuchs.
Pim Fuchs

Bioinformatics Team Lead

Headshot of Michiel Gielen.
Michiel Gielen

Operations Development Team Lead

Headshot of Bart Versteeg.
Bart Versteeg

Platform Development Team Lead

Headshot of Néstor Vázquez Bernat.
Néstor Vázquez Bernat

Application Science Team Lead

Headshot of Svitlana Lozova.
Lana Lozova

Marketing Team Lead

Headshot of Thijs Maas.
Thijs Maas

Bioinformatics Developer

Headshot of Gergana Bounova.
Gergana Bounova

Machine Learning Scientist

Headshot of Piotr van Rijssel.
Piotr van Rijssel

Application Scientist

Headshot of Ivan Harmath.
Ivan Harmath

Account Executive

Headshot of Alvaro Ropero Lopez.
Alvaro Ropero Lopez

QA Tester

Headshot of Aurora Perea.
Aurora Perea

QA Tester

Headshot of Luis Rego.
Luís Alves de Sousa Rêgo

Software Engineer

Headshot of Stefan Lelieveld.
Stefan Lelieveld

Bioinformatics Scientist

Headshot of Steven Liebregt.
Steven Liebregt

Software Engineer

Headshot of Wenying Chang.
Wenying Chang

UX/UI Designer

Headshot of Przemysław Nowak.
Przemysław Nowak

Senior SE Consultant

Headshot of Mateusz Safaryjski.
Mateusz Safaryjski

SE Consultant

Headshot of Robin Blonk.
Robin Blonk

Sales Development Scientist

Headshot of Okan Aydin.
Okan Aydin

Business Development Scientist

Headshot of Paul Saary.
Paul Saary

Bioinformatics Developer

Headshot of Willem Godschalk.
Willem Godschalk

Financial Advisor

Headshot of Alexia Luizinho.
Alexia Luizinho

QA Tester

Headshot of Christian Pacheco.
Christian Pacheco

Sales and Business Development Support

Headshot of Jos Lunenberg.
Jos Lunenberg

Strategic Advisor to the Board

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