Simply select better antibodies with the IGX Platform

Looking to expand and diversify your antibody candidate pool? The IGX Platform provides an intuitive, end-to-end solution engineered to address antibody discovery challenges and streamline candidate selection. Discover how to quickly go from millions of candidate sequences to a final, diverse set of most promising antibody candidates.

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What you will learn

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of common antibody discovery workflows, key challenges in integrated sequence data analysis, and important IGX Platform features designed to boost your candidate pool and accelerate the antibody candidate discovery process. By reading, you will:

  • Learn about common antibody discovery workflows leveraging Rep-Seq and key challenges in integrated sequence analysis;
  • See NGS application use cases including hit selection and hit expansion;
  • Discover how you can efficiently integrate sequence and assay data to select the best candidates;
  • Learn how the IGX Platform enables researchers to expand their antibody candidate pool, while accelerating the discovery process.