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Antibody Discovery Module

Leverage our innovative and easy-to-use solution engineered specifically to identify better and more diverse antibody candidates.

Simply select better antibodies

Fueled by the powerful data management functionalities of the IGX Platform and validated by key industry leaders, our Antibody Discovery Module helps you quickly identify better and more diverse antibody candidates. Efficiently manage sequence and assay data generated throughout antibody discovery workflows and leverage complex analysis such as clustering and phylogeny in a secure, intuitive environment.

Why choose the Antibody Discovery Module
Boost your candidate pool

Let characterized Sanger hits guide the exploration of your large NGS outputs to expand and improve your candidate pool.

Be in control of your own analysis

The lean and intuitive user interface allows the entire team and even your collaborators to quickly onboard and perform data analyses independently.

Speed up candidate selection

Use metadata annotations throughout the entire platform to prioritize clusters and sequences of interest, significantly reducing time spent on irrelevant data.

Get the 360 view of your data

Link assay data directly to clones and explore up to six antibody characteristics in a single visualization by mapping annotations to variables such as color, shape, and size.

Go for next-generation phylogeny

Compute and visualize clusters and phylogenetic trees with the newest algorithms and explore candidates with a dedicated application through an intuitive user interface.

Empower your customers

Communicate your insights with customers through a lean, intuitive interface where they can explore their data with minimal training.

Use all available information to rationally select the best candidate

Antibody discovery is all about going from thousands, or even millions of antibodies with distinct characteristics, to the one that is best for the job. The more you know about your antibody candidates, the better you can perform this selection! The IGX Platform offers a single, intuitive environment to integrate all your receptor sequences and available assay data. You can combine sequences derived from different technologies in a single analysis and overlay antibody characteristics to create information-rich visualizations. Discover how you can perform efficient, integrated analysis workflows to improve and enlarge your antibody candidate pool with the IGX Platform.

Anitbody Discovery Funnel

Perform complex analysis independently, saving time and cost

The analysis of antibody sequence clusters through phylogenetic trees has proven to be an efficient approach to select and prioritize antibody candidates. With IGX-Cluster and IGX-Branch, you can drill down from thousands of sequence clusters to those few antibody candidates with the desired characteristics, all without the need of bioinformatics expertise. With the interactive visualizations of IGX-Branch, you can explore up to six antibody characteristics in a single visualization, significantly speeding up the analysis and simplifying discovery. We empower life scientists to independently perform their discovery analysis – without computational hurdles – so they can focus on what matters the most: the science.

Easily communicate your results

A concise and visually appealing way to present data is important for internal and external communication with project stakeholders or customers.

  • Securely share your data with customers, teams, and partners
  • Get started in a matter of minutes with virtual onboarding tours
  • Enable occasional users to perform follow-up analysis through a lean interface