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Antibody Discovery Module

Diversify your candidate pool and de-risk antibody development with our intuitive, end-to-end solution that
scales to your needs.

Simply select better antibodies

Fueled by the powerful data management functionalities of the IGX Platform, our Antibody Discovery Module helps you expand and diversify your candidate pool, whether you are using NGS, Sanger, single B cells, or a combination of these technologies. Efficiently integrate sequence and assay data into your analysis workflows and perform clustering, phylogeny, and structural liability analyses in a secure and scalable environment.

Why choose the Antibody Discovery Module
Boost your candidate pool

Integrate NGS and Sanger data into a unique platform designed to improve your antibody candidate pool.

Streamline enrichment analysis

Easily perform multi-dataset comparisons and identify the most enriched candidates through interactive visualizations.

De-risk antibody development

Use high-throughput structural modeling to ensure accurate liability annotations and select diverse candidates with the best developability profiles.

Get a 360 view of your data

Link assay data directly to your sequences, explore multiple antibody characteristics in comprehensive visualizations, and utilize an intuitive scoring system to prioritize your top candidates.

Go for next-generation phylogeny

Compute phylogenetic trees using the latest, peer-reviewed algorithms, and explore candidates using interactive visualizations.

Collaborate and share

Communicate your insights with customers and other stakeholders through a lean, intuitive interface where they can explore their data with minimal training.

Be in control of your own data analysis

Our first-in-class user experience allows your entire team – and even your collaborators – to quickly onboard and perform data analyses independently.

Unlock seamless antibody display data analysis

Antibody discovery campaigns using display technologies can generate numerous datasets coming from various panning rounds and conditions. To fully take advantage of the powerful combination of NGS and antibody panning, you need complex analysis workflows – with operations such as intersections, unions, or subtractions – that match your experimental design. With the IGX-Track App, you can:

  • Compare enrichment through tabulated views and plots
  • Join, intersect, and subtract many datasets to match your campaign design
  • Apply flexible thresholds to quickly get to the clones with the best properties
  • Explore interactive visualizations with all your metadata
  • Change analysis parameters and compute updated results in minutes
  • Include liability predictions and developability profiles
Enrichment analysis software

Rationally select the best candidates

Antibody discovery revolves around going from thousands, or even millions of antibodies, to a few selected candidates with the best combination of properties. The more you know about your antibodies, the better the final candidate selection will be.

The IGX Platform offers an intuitive environment where you can bring together sequences coming from different technologies (e.g., Sanger, NGS) in one place. You can associate any assay data from wet lab experiment and predict exposed sequence liabilities in silico. All of this information can be incorporated into your analysis workflow, where specialized Apps process the data to create information-rich visualizations that help guide candidate selection and prioritization.

Discover how you can efficiently integrate and analyze all your data with the IGX Platform.

Antibody discovery funnel

De-risk antibody development using structural modeling

  • Use a validated tool to independently perform structural modeling to accurately annotate liabilities.

  • Don’t miss out on potential candidates by flagging false liabilities. Structural modeling ensures you only remove sequences with liabilities that are exposed to the surface of an antibody.

  • Annotate structural liabilities for thousands of sequences directly from your cluster overview with a single click and integrate these metadata throughout your entire workflow.

  • Decide which liabilities matter most to you through an intuitive UI and obtain liability scores that align with your de-risking strategy.

  • See how your candidates compare to a database of clinically validated antibodies and prioritize candidates with similar developability profiles.

Perform complicated analyses independently

Exploring antibody clusters through phylogenetic trees is an excellent approach to identify promising antibody candidates. However, the setup and execution comes with big methodological and computational challenges. With our specialized Apps, you can easily cluster your data and generate interactive phylogenetic trees that help you to go from millions of candidate sequences to the most promising antibodies in a few clicks.

  • Flexible cluster definitions
  • Interactive phylogenetic trees
  • Data overlays
Phylogenetic analysis

Communicate your results with ease

A concise and visually appealing way to present data is important for communication with project stakeholders. Easily export data and figures to share in reports or presentations, or provide direct platform access to your customers.

  • Securely share your data with customers, teams, and partners
  • Get started in a matter of minutes with virtual onboarding tours
  • Enable occasional users to perform follow-up analyses through a lean interface
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