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IGX Platform

Manage, analyze, visualize and interpret repertoire sequencing data using the IGX Platform

Why us?

Explore what makes our team and the IGX Platform unique.

  • Find what you are looking for
  • Annotate any data at any level
  • No programming required
  • Always access your raw data
  • Perfectly reproduce your results
  • Build your own workflow
  • Choose your own technology
  • Rely on robust code


Different analyses and visualization methods are organized on the platform in separate units called Apps. Apps are independently developed and fully integrated with the Clone Browser, allowing for reproducible, end-to-end workflows.

IGX specifics

Explore what makes our team and the IGX Platform unique.

  • Flexible at the frontend
  • Always up-to-date
  • Version control
  • Scales according to your needs
  • Securely cloud deployed
  • Market authorization support


The goal of data visualization is to communicate information obtained from the data as effectively, intuitively and accurately as possible. Producing good visualizations – which requires parameters such as axes, colors and scales to be chosen carefully – often turns into a very time-consuming process. The IGX Platform allows users to tweak visualization parameters using intuitive input controls such as toggles, sliders and buttons, enabling the customization of plots in a matter of seconds.

Use cases

  • It is common practice to improve the confidence of an analysis by excluding receptors or clones from a repertoire based on quality or abundance thresholds. This procedure can easily lead to data-loss and unreproducible workflows when not performed properly.


    The IGX Clone Browser serves as an ideal framework to create and save workflows to filter clone collections based on annotation tags. Filters can be applied at the collection level (e.g. to select samples from a specific patient) as well as at the individual clone level (e.g. to filter out singletons or receptors with poor sequencing quality).

  • Repertoire diversity is an important feature of the immune repertoire and has been associated with clinical outcome in a variety of diseases. There are several commonly used diversity measures, each assessing a different aspect of the clonal composition.


    IGX Explore offers an interactive diversity plot that allows the user to compare the diversity between groups of samples, for a wide range of diversity measures. Groups can be defined using any tag associated to the samples (e.g. treatment response or disease diagnosis) and different diversity measures can easily be explored using a slider.

  • Repertoire fluctuations, and in particular clonal expansions, provide valuable information on the ongoing immunological status.


    The IGX Clone Browser, in combination with the downstream analyses of IGX Explore, provide a seamlessly integrated workflow for the exploration, identification and storage of interesting clones. The IGX Explore overlap analysis, for instance, shows the abundance of clones between 2 samples (e.g. before and after treatment). Using the intuitive lasso selection tool, the user can easily select clones directly from the plot and create new clone collections for follow-up analysis.