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IGX Platform

Manage, analyze, visualize, and interpret repertoire sequencing data using the IGX Platform

A desktop displaying the IGX Platform software

Why us?

Explore what makes our team and the IGX Platform unique.

  • Integrate different data types
  • Annotate any data at any level
  • Perform highly customizable searches
  • Leverage databases to enrich your data
  • Use your own protocol
  • Scales to your project needs
  • No programming required
  • Build your own workflow


Different analyses and visualization methods are organized on the platform in separate units called Apps. Apps are independently developed and fully integrated with the Clone Browser, allowing for reproducible, end-to-end workflows.

IGX Platform Apps

IGX specifics

Explore what makes our team and the IGX Platform unique.

  • Flexible at the frontend
  • Always up-to-date
  • Version control
  • Scales according to your needs
  • Securely cloud deployed
  • Market authorization support


The goal of data visualization is to communicate information obtained from the data as effectively, intuitively and accurately as possible. Producing good visualizations – which requires parameters such as axes, colors and scales to be chosen carefully – often turns into a very time-consuming process. The IGX Platform allows users to tweak visualization parameters using intuitive input controls such as toggles, sliders and buttons, enabling the customization of plots in a matter of seconds.

Use cases

  • Public repositories with standardized, quality filtered RepSeq data are steadily growing and can be exploited for immunomic research and drug development. IGX-Compare provides users a gateway to some of the largest external databases through an intuitive user interface. Users can query their data against hundreds of millions of sequences that have been characterized by researchers worldwide, allowing researchers to efficiently learn more about their clones of interest.

  • The Clone Browser, in combination with the downstream analyses of IGX Explore, provide a seamlessly integrated workflow for the exploration and identification of interesting clones or patient cohorts. The V/J Gene Frequency plot is an interactive visualization that allows users to efficiently compare different patient groups using tags and explore the results with intuitive toggles and tooltips.