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IGX Platform 3.0_Architecture

IGX-Profile performs clone identification and quantification from raw sequencing data. It supports NGS and Sanger data from B and T cells and offers references for multiple species. Using state-of-the-art error correction, it accurately reconstructs (full-length) receptor sequences.

MiXCR processes big immunome data from raw immune receptor sequencing data to quantitated clonotypes. It extracts both T and B cell receptor repertoires and assembles clonotypes, while correcting for false diversity, arising from PCR and sequencing errors.


IGX-Inspect enables quality control of FASTQ files and profiled samples. Different interactive visualizations are available, depending on the data type. For FASTQ data: Read Length Distribution and Average Base/Sample Quality. For Collections generated using IGX-Profile, the Read Fate can be inspected.


IGX-Explore generates intuitive visualizations that provide insight into the dynamics of the immune system response. It includes several analyses with interactive plots: V/J Gene Usage, Diversity Measures, and CDR3 Length Distribution.

IGX-Cluster identifies sequence clusters based on user defined parameters such as heavy and/or light CDR3 similarity, gene usage, and CDR3 length. The use of IGX-Cluster across samples from different sequencing technologies provides the ideal setup for important discovery tasks like candidate selection and hit expansion.

IGX-Branch is a 2-stage rocket. First, clusters are prioritized based on their size and content and phylogenetic trees are computed for clusters of interest. Second, powerful interactive tree visualizations are generated which link visual variables such as color, shape and size to available assay data, providing a versatile system to pick antibody candidates for follow-up analysis.

Continuous App development

We continuously develop new Apps and tailored software extensions to address specific research needs and answer your immunological questions. Read our release notes to discover all prominent recent feature updates.

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