Tracking antibody enrichment in display libraries with the IGX Platform

Discover our newest IGX Platform App for antibody display

What will you learn?

Antibody display technologies empower antibody discovery by screening millions of candidates against potential targets. However, panning experiments can generate massive, technically challenging datasets, further complicated by multiple panning conditions making enrichment analyses a daunting task.

IGX-Track provides a visual, flexible, and intuitive environment that makes it easy to compose any analysis workflow that matches your wet lab panning experiment design and helps you select the best antibody candidates. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Track clones across panning rounds through interactive visualizations
  • Simplify complex comparative analysis
  • Broaden your analysis beyond just the most frequent clones
  • Maximize your selection precision by subtracting irrelevant antibodies
Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Europe
Headshot of Lorenzo Fanchi.

Speaker: Lorenzo Fanchi

Product Management Team Lead at ENPICOM

As Team Lead Product Management at ENPICOM, Lorenzo manages all phases of product development: from discovery, envisioning, and prototyping solutions to guiding development and implementation. During his Ph.D. at the Schumacher lab at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Lorenzo worked on a variety of projects, ranging from improvements to adoptive cell therapy, to assessing the immunological foreignness of human cancers.