23 Dec 2021

2021 highlights: ENPICOM’s year in review

A look back at some of the year’s biggest milestones

2021 ends, it is a perfect time to look back at the year’s highlights and recognize the many accomplishments of our team, partners, and customers.

Setting a new standard for antibody discovery

We kicked off the year with a launch of a new Antibody Discovery Module in January 2021. This suite of specialized Apps accelerates and improves the selection of antibody candidates. We developed it in close collaboration with over 50 industry leaders to reduce the bottlenecks experienced by researchers in the field. Even more industry leaders agreed. Zai Lab began using the IGX Platform to implement Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as an additional tool to optimize its antibody selection, as well as many other clients that we cannot disclose yet.

Later in the year, at Biologics UK, we unveiled an extension of the IGX Platform empowering life scientists to make accurate developability predictions for thousands of sequences at the same time. With the IGX-Annotate App, researchers can accurately predict exposed liabilities, configure their own liability penalties, and integrate developability data throughout their workflow.


Building partnerships to improve antibody and vaccine development

Inno4Vac kicked off in 2021 and ENPICOM joined this European public-private partnership to innovate vaccine development. We are proud to help increase the speed of crucial scientific breakthroughs in vaccine development.

Back in 2019, we began working with Viroclinics-DDL, a state-of-the-art CRO, on TCR repertoire sequencing (Rep-Seq) and analysis. In 2021, we continued this collaboration and received a joint MIT subsidy to improve antibody and vaccine discovery and development. Then in September we held a webinar on T and B cell receptor sequencing. If you missed it, you can still watch a replay of this informative presentation and Q&A session.


Facilitating knowledge sharing

As the world adjusted to life with COVID-19, we slowly began to meet in person again. But that doesn’t mean that 2021 wasn’t a year of digital collaboration and knowledge sharing. We connected with some prominent experts in the field and released several free webinars to promote a deeper understanding of Rep-Seq-related topics. You can still watch them on demand.

This is just a sample of the resources we created in 2021. Check out all the latest resources and articles.


Growing on all fronts

Gillian O’Halloran joined the team as COO in February. We also moved into a new, larger office space. We were ranked 8 among the fastest growing Dutch companies in the data science field. We’re still growing so be sure to check our current vacancies.
ENPICOM Headquarters

Looking forward

We are not content to look back. We look forward to ongoing growth in antibody discovery and Rep-Seq data analysis in 2022. Innovative, efficient drug discovery is more important than ever.

We thank all our customers, friends, and partners for a fruitful, eventful, and fun 2021. We wish you all the most wonderful holiday season and a prosperous and healthy New Year!

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