25 Aug 2021

ENPICOM is featured among the top 50 fastest growing Data Science SMEs in the Netherlands

The Florijnz Data Science Top 50 report lists ENPICOM as one of the fastest-growing Dutch companies in 2020

This year’s Florijnz Data Science Top 50 report is now available, and it contains findings on the most prominent small and medium-sized enterprises working in the Data Science field in the Netherlands. We are proud to get featured as one of the most rapidly developing players in the Data Science market once again!

Florijnz Corporate Finance encourages parties to seek mutual collaborations and jointly make our society more “data driven”. They researched the most successful players of the Data Science market, the different strategies they use to differentiate themselves, and their individual challenges. The selection and ranking of the organizations were based on the following three factors: average turnaround growth between 2017 and 2020, the average growth in the number of employees between 2018 and 2020, and the total number of employees in December 2020. You can download the full report here (in Dutch only).

We are proud to be included in this ranking. Every day we work on challenging data management and analysis projects that bring truly meaningful innovation and accelerate the development of new therapeutic targets and vaccines.” commented Jos Lunenberg, CEO and co-founder of ENPICOM. He continued: “Despite the complexities of the past year, we’ve maintained our level of innovation, flexibility, and growth.”

According to Florijnz’s findings, the Data Science market continues to grow at an exceptional speed. The top 50 selected SME’s for 2020 managed to realize an average growth of 57% in turnarounds as well as an average growth of 28% in the number of employees. This year’s report provides an insight into the Data Science players developing at rapid speeds and the strategies they use to differentiate and facilitate further growth.

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