14 Oct 2021

Meet IGX Platform 3.1: More flexibility and control for your seamless Rep-Seq analysis workflow

IGX Platform 3.1 is now available, offering a new App, support for custom germline references, an overhauled Apps page, and many other improvements

Get a different perspective with IGX-Notebook

Sometimes you want the freedom to look at your data from another angle. If you are more comfortable with writing your own code, our new IGX-Notebook App allows you to write R and Python scripts to gain additional insights. Bring in any collection from the Clone Browser to create and export documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text. All without ever leaving the IGX Platform!

Annotate sequences from any organism

We all have our favorite model organism that we work with. Good news! Starting from now, the IGX Platform supports the RepSeqIO reference format. This means that references can be generated for virtually any organism, and even “customized” hybrid and synthetic references are possible.

The IGX Platform provides human and murine references out-of-the-box, and more are available.

Say hello to your Apps

While a lot of our attention goes to improving and extending our Antibody Discovery Module, we continue to polish the user experience that is at the core of the IGX Platform. With our latest release, we’ve completely rethought the interaction with the Apps page and updated the design with visuals to match.

The new, card-based layout makes it easier to spot which Apps are available for your analysis, and clickable cards with beautiful hover animations provide a much-improved User Experience.

We will be giving other sections of the IGX Platform a visual and functional overhaul very soon, so stay tuned…

Many quality-of-life improvements

As always, we constantly work on improving the IGX Platform based on user feedback, as well as continuous internal testing. For this release, we resolved over 30 issues; the most important are:

  • Resolved an issue with very large FASTQ files in MiXCR.
  • Resolved an issue where tags containing special characters would not load in IGX-Branch.
  • Resolved an issue where color overlays would take a long time to appear in IGX-Branch.
  • Resolved an issue that could occur when uploading thousands of files at once.
  • Resolved several minor platform and App UI issues.

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