IGX Platform

Why us?

IGX Platform
Unique IGX Platform

We have built the first end-to-end repertoire sequencing data management, storage, analysis, visualization, and interpretation platform with unique data handling possibilities.

Tailored to your specific needs
Tailored to your specific needs

ENPICOM’s team of bioinformaticians and software engineers is one of the largest in the world fully dedicated to supporting organizations to study and exploit diseases related to the immune system with groundbreaking products and customized solutions.

We start where others stop

ENPICOM is on a mission to bridge the gap between technology and patient benefit. We develop and clinically validate groundbreaking analysis and visualization methods to contribute to the true revolution of immunotherapy.


Key benefits of the IGX Platform

Integrate different data types

IGX supports B and T cell data, single-cell and bulk, raw sequencing data and readily annotated clone tables.

Use your own protocol

The IGX Platform supports various library preparation protocols and sequencing technologies.

Annotate any data at any level

Organize large amounts of data through extensive metadata annotations at all levels of granularity: at sample, clonotype, and even individual sequence level.

Find what you are looking for

Perform highly customizable searches to explore, prioritize, and select clones to unlock insights that otherwise would have stayed hidden.

Leverage databases to enrich your data

Search through internal and external data sets and discover additional information on your clones of interest.

intuitive ui
No programming required

The intuitive graphical user interface streamlines your Rep-Seq workflow, allowing you to focus on your research rather than coding.

Scales to your research needs

IGX is built from scratch with professionally developed, thoroughly tested code. Browse billions of sequences in internal and public databases with confidence and ease.

Build your own workflow

Pick and choose from our specialized Apps to compose the desired end-to-end workflow to answer your biological questions.

Secure data sharing
Securely share your data

Share or restrict data access with your team members and external project stakeholders using IGX Data Spaces.