25 Feb 2021

On-demand webinar: Presenting the new Antibody Discovery Module

Learn how you can leverage high-throughput sequencing data to select better antibodies

With ENPICOM’s new Antibody Discovery Module, candidate selection just got easier and faster. Want to learn how and why? Then watch our new on-demand webinar and see this intuitive end-to-end solution in action.

Antibody discovery is all about going from thousands, or even millions of antibodies with distinct characteristics, to selecting the one that is best for the job. The more you know about your antibody candidates, the better you can perform this selection!

Join our product expert Josine oude Lohuis as she explains the features that empower life scientists to make the most of their Sanger and NGS data and independently perform complex analyses.

During this session, you will learn:

  • What makes the IGX Platform an ideal solution for antibody developers and service providers;
  • The strategy behind the module from an R&D perspective;
  • How to leverage NGS technologies to enhance your antibody discovery workflow;
  • How to streamline candidate selection with clustering and phylogenetic analysis.

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