24 Oct 2018

ENPICOM Team Wins Microsoft Genomics Hackathon

ENPICOM Team Wins Microsoft Genomics Hackathon

The ENPICOM Rockstar team, together with the Biocartis team, have won the Genomics Hackathon 2018.




For this Genomics Hackathon organized in Brussels on October 23-24, 2018, Microsoft invited Bio-Computer Scientists, Computational Biologists, Data Scientists involved in departments, academic institutions, medical centers, and research facilities focusing on Genomics workloads.

Featured speakers and organizers were: Dr. Sander Timmer, Healthcare Industry Solutions Manager EMEA for Data & AI and Dr. Erdal Cosgun, Data Scientist at Microsoft Genomics, AI & Research.

In total five teams competed during this Hackathon. One team chose to work on a DNAnexus case and the other four battled against each other on a challenge developed by the Microsoft team. ENPICOM was represented by some its brightest team members: Jan Blom and Jorrit Posthuma, both senior software engineers, and Pim Fuchs from the bioinformatics group.

Sander Timmer complimented ENPICOM’s CSO, Nicola Bonzanni, afterwards: “You hired a great team! Fun, friendly, smart, and hardworking!”