31 Mar 2022

ENPICOM increases speed and scalability in antibody discovery with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

By partnering with AWS, ENPICOM can further reduce the time needed to select better antibody candidates and facilitate vaccine research

ENPICOM presented details of their move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the latest case study published by their new cloud provider. The choice of AWS enables ENPICOM to improve scalability, innovate faster, and streamline the client experience.

Now powered by AWS, ENPICOM can further accelerate scientific breakthroughs and enable scientists to harness the latest technological and scientific advances. Faster, more accurate antibody liability predictions, is just one of the possible examples of the ways to accelerate and innovate the development of new immunotherapies and vaccines.” said Jos Lunenberg, CEO at ENPICOM.

Scalability and security are foundational to helping biotech and life science organizations transform their digital operations. We’re proud to work with ENPICOM who are developing state-of-the-art tools to power a generation of new insights that will ultimately help advance human health.” said Lorenz Spuller, Startup Account Manager at AWS.


Providing a secure, scalable environment for better antibody discovery workflows

The field of antibody therapeutics is experiencing explosive growth. Getting from millions of sequences to a diverse set of developable antibodies with the right therapeutic properties is time-consuming and requires a dedicated software infrastructure and significant computational resources. Leveraging ENPICOM’s cloud platform gives scientists the insights, agility, and security they need to also perform structural modeling at scale and implement predicted liability data throughout their workflow.

AWS enables ENPICOM to provide the scalability necessary for high-throughput antibody liability analysis. This leads to significantly faster, more efficient R&D timelines for scientists and vaccine developers.

By selecting AWS, ENPICOM can:

– Ensure scalability for computationally heavy calculations required by antibody discovery workflows
– Reduce time and improve performance for researchers using the IGX Platform
– Secure customer data and satisfy complex regulatory requirements
– Create new business development opportunities by using preferred cloud technology in the field

Providing a robust infrastructure for our platform, improving performance to our clients and ensuring reliable, comprehensive, scalable, and security-compliant access to vast and complex Rep-Seq data are key factors to ensure satisfying user experience.” said Vadim Galaktionov, head of software development at ENPICOM.

Read the case study to learn more.