Rapid and efficient discovery of developable antibodies with NGS data
and structural liability analysis

Discover how to quickly identify developable and diverse antibody candidates using the powerful IGX Platform

What will you learn?

The integration of high-throughput sequencing data in antibody screening accelerates and improves discovery of novel therapeutics and vaccines. Watch this presentation to discover how to leverage NGS data and structural liability analysis in your research. You will learn how to:

  • Perform advanced clustering and phylogenetic analysis, independently and efficiently through an intuitive UI
  • De-risk antibody candidate development by annotating structural liabilities for thousands of sequences
  • Speed up candidate selection by exploring multiple antibody characteristics in a single visualization
OGL Biologics UK

Speaker: Dr. Nicola Bonzanni

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at ENPICOM

As Chief Scientific Officer at ENPICOM, Dr. Bonzanni uses his passion for science and technology to close the gap between life sciences, software engineering, and data visualization to empower life scientists with state-of-the-art computational software solutions. He manages the scientific team with bioinformaticians, computational immunologists, scientific project managers, and product managers.