Raising the bar for NGS-powered antibody discovery with flexible enrichment, accurate developability, and interactive phylogenetic analysis

September 27 at 9AM EDT / 3PM CEST

What will you learn?

Integration of high-throughput sequencing data accelerates and improves discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies. However, getting from millions of sequences to a diverse set of developable antibodies with the right properties can be incredibly challenging, time-consuming, and requires significant software and computational resources. In this session, we will discuss how researchers can use the IGX Platform to intuitively enrich their candidate selection using faster discovery pipelines and rich metadata information.
You will learn how to:

  • Broaden your analysis beyond just the most frequently found clones and use all assay data and in-silico predictions to select the best antibody candidates
  • Track clone enrichment across panning rounds through tabular views and interactive visualizations
  • De-risk antibody development by annotating structural liabilities for thousands of sequences at once
Digital Week: Antibody Technologies and Applications.

Nicola Bonzanni – Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at ENPICOMAs Chief Scientific Officer at ENPICOM, Dr. Bonzanni uses his passion for science and technology to close the gap between life sciences, software engineering, and data visualization to empower life scientists with state-of-the-art computational software solutions. He manages the scientific team with bioinformaticians, computational immunologists, scientific project managers, and product managers.