Minimizing lead optimization with data-driven antibody discovery

November 14 2022

What will you learn?

Lead optimization is a crucial step in the development of antibodies before reaching the clinical stage. In recent years, data generation and algorithmic predictions have improved antibody discovery by enabling the optimization of candidates at an early stage. This has the capacity to generate better lead candidates and focus lead optimization on those with the best characteristics to make it all the way to approval.

In this talk we will discuss the aforementioned approaches and illustrate how the IGX-Platform can help to improve your antibody discovery workflow.

Headshot of Néstor Vázquez Bernat.

Néstor Vázquez Bernat – Application Scientist at ENPICOM As an Application Scientist at ENPICOM, Néstor focuses on analyzing customer requirements, and project setup, management, and execution. During his PhD in Immunology, he isolated and expressed monoclonal antibodies after vaccinations and developed high-throughput sequencing library preparation protocols for B cell repertoires in humans, non-human primates, and other animal models.