From sample to discovery: Advancing your research with full-service immune repertoire sequencing & analysis

Join Wilco Knetsch, Senior Scientist at Viroclinics-DDL, and Henk-Jan van den Ham, Senior Scientist at ENPICOM, for an in-depth discussion on how high-quality adaptive immune repertoire insights can advance your research. Discover common TCR and BCR data sequencing workflows, library preparation considerations, analysis peculiarities, and how to leverage the IGX Platform to manage and analyze repertoire sequencing data.

What will you learn?

High-throughput repertoire sequencing has created an unprecedentedly high-resolution picture of the immune repertoire. Dynamic changes in TCR and BCR repertoire diversity provide great insights into diseases, infection, drug efficacy, and more. ENPICOM and Viroclinics-DDL have joined forces to offer full-service immune repertoire sequencing and analyses. This takes you right from sample to discovery with maximal efficiency.Watch this webinar to explore:

  • What is T & B cell receptor sequencing?
  • Important considerations on sample sources and requirements
  • How to implement efficient library preparation and sequencing
  • How to streamline your workflow with fast, scalable data analysis of T & B cell receptor sequences
On demand webinar
Meet the speakers:

Dr. Wilco Knetsch
As Senior Scientist at Viroclinics-DDL, dr. Knetsch is responsible for the development of innovative molecular assays including the novel immune repertoire sequencing service. This covers all wet-lab related aspects of immune repertoire sequencing for both TCR and BCR.


Dr. Henk-Jan van den Ham 
As a Senior Scientist at ENPICOM, dr. van den Ham is part of the research team focusing on the latest developments in immunology & bioinformatics, with a focus on adaptive immune repertoire analysis. With a PhD in Theoretical Immunology & Bioinformatics and post-doc experience in virology, Henk-Jan leads academic & industry projects, collaborations, and grant applications at the interface of immunology, bioinformatics, and software engineering.