Boost your candidate pool by mining NGS data for
developable and diverse antibodies

Discover how to quickly identify developable and diverse antibodies by integrating NGS data and using the powerful IGX Platform.

What will you learn?

The integration of high-throughput sequencing data in antibody screening accelerates and improves discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies. You will learn how to:

  • Perform advanced clustering and phylogenetic analysis, independently and efficiently through an intuitive user interface
  • Scale up structural liability predictions to better rank and select candidates
  • Speed up the selection process by exploring multiple antibody characteristics from sequence and assay data in a single visualization
AET Europe 2021
Headshot of Josine oude Lohuis.

Speaker: Josine oude Lohuis

Product Manager at ENPICOM

As Product Manager at ENPICOM, Josine is responsible for the ongoing development of the IGX Platform. This covers conducting strategic field exploration studies, defining new specifications to enhance the software portfolio, as well as tracking and driving software development.