24 Oct 2023

Navigating the immune repertoire: A deep dive into applications, workflows, and new sequencing chemistries

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High-throughput repertoire sequencing allows to explore the immune repertoire with an unprecedented level of detail. The immune system’s centric role in human health means that studying TCR and BCR repertoires can provide valuable insights into a wide array of diseases; it can significantly help research in, for example, autoimmune diseases, immune responses in oncology or infections, novel therapeutics, or disease state and prognosis. However, robust library preparation and sequencing methods, as well as sensible data analysis are essential to produce valuable insights.

Join experts from Illumina, Cerba Research, and ENPICOM for an in-depth discussion about Rep-Seq applications and challenges; how to effectively integrate it in your research, and advances in sequencing and data analysis that facilitate the process. We will illustrate these by showing how Cerba together with ENPICOM established an end-to-end service to go from sample to insights.

Attend this webinar to explore:

  • Applications of repertoire sequencing in immuno-oncology and beyond
  • How to establish and test a robust repertoire sequencing and analysis approach
  • Important aspects of sample processing and validation
  • Rep-Seq data analysis challenges and how to overcome them
  • NextSeq™ 1000/2000 Reagents (600 cycles) vs MiSeq™ Reagent Kit v3 (600-cycle) and the impact in sequencing depth and quality

Get all these insights and more with this 45-minute session followed by a live Q&A.

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Meet the speakers


Robin Bombardi
Robin Bombardi
Senior Scientist at Illumina

In his Master’s work at The University of Southern Mississippi, Robin utilized next-generation sequencing to examine epigenetic markers that display tissue-specific DNA methylation patterns in forensic biofluids. In 2015, he pursued his research interests at Vanderbilt University, where he focused on next-generation sequencing of antibody genes. Currently, Robin is working at Illumina where he specializes in emerging applications and DNA sequencing.

Goran Marinković
Goran Marinković
Immunologist at Cerba Research

After completing his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2014, Goran moved to Israel where he worked as a Postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science. After that, Goran moved to Sweden to work on the development of immunomodulatory therapy for the treatment of myocardial infarction. For the past year and a half, Goran has been working as an immunologist at Cerba Research in Rijswijk.

Henk-Jan van den Ham
Dr. Henk-Jan van den Ham
Research Team Lead at ENPICOM

As a Research Team Lead at ENPICOM, Henk-Jan focuses on the latest developments in immunology and bioinformatics, particularly in the analysis of adaptive immune repertoire. With a PhD in Theoretical Immunology & Bioinformatics and post-doc experience in virology, Henk-Jan is responsible for leading academic and industry projects, collaborations, and grant applications in the intersection of immunology, bioinformatics, and software engineering.