August 18, 2022

IGX Platform 5.0

After months of hard work, we’re happy to release IGX-Track into the wild! With IGX-Track, you’ll be able to analyze data from display technology experiments like never before. Setting up any enrichment analysis is a matter of drag and drop, and powerful tables and graphs help you interpret your data and pick the best candidates with ease.


IGX-Track – enrichment analysis made easy


IGX-Track joins the Antibody Discovery Module to provide a visual, intuitive way to process data coming from display technology experiments. The app is composed of distinct sections that each enable you to configure and compose your analysis approach or analyze and visualize the results.

The Normalization & Grouping page allows you to pick from various resampling approaches to avoid biases in sequencing depth. In addition, you can configure which chains, and which feature you want to group your clones by.

Next, the Workflow Canvas is where you can compose your enrichment workflow. You can pick from three operations: Union, Intersection, and Difference, to set up workflows that fit the panning strategy you’ve performed in the lab. Each operation has a result, to which Fold Change calculations can be added to calculate enrichment between samples.

The customizable table and graph views provide a host of functionalities that make it easy to identify the enrichment patterns you’re looking for. From flexible options for filtering and sorting, to dot- and bar-plots with multiple data overlays. Finally, integration with IGX-Annotate allows high-throughput developability assessments directly from the results page. These offer accurate insight on (surface) exposed sequence liabilities and molecule properties such as patches of hydrophobicity. Once computed, these can also be visualized in IGX-Track results next to metadata and enrichment data, providing an easy way to select leads to send to Basket for final evaluation.

Fully customizable tables with powerful filtering & sorting options

Generate bar and dot plots with extensive metadata overlays with ease


Additional improvements

We have made various improvements for an even better experience. For instance, filenames are now shown on Data Import cards on the Analyses page.


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