June 9, 2022

IGX Platform 4.5

While we ramp up towards the launch of a major new App coming this summer, this release brings an important change to the way we handle VDJ and Receptor sequences. Other than that, we’ve sped up loading of the Cluster Overview page in IGX-Branch as well as improved the robustness of the export of clustering results.


VDJ and Receptor tag information has migrated


From this release onwards, the information stored in the VDJ Amino Acids and VDJ Nucleotides tags can be found in a familiar place: the Receptor Amino Acids and Receptor Nucleotides tags, respectively. In turn, the information from the Receptor tags has found a new home: the Full Sequence tags. All Apps continue to work as before, but the migration now enables IGX-Branch to build trees without unwanted sequences that were previously present, such as leaders and primers.

IGX 4.5

In IGX-Cluster, the sequence features for clustering are now CDR3 Amino Acids and Receptor Amino Acids; the first remains unchanged from before, while the second represents the receptor sequence covering the VDJ, when fully covered by sequencing, but without leaders, primers etc.

Additional improvements


We have implemented some improvements for an even smoother experience:

  • Cluster Overview page in IGX-Branch loads faster.
  • More robust cluster exports in IGX-Branch.

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