May 3, 2022

IGX Platform 4.4

Spring has arrived and with that we’ve performed some important housekeeping. There have been numerous underthehood improvements to the IGX Platform, but you will also find some important changes to the user experience among the highlights. Most notably, we’ve improved the naming of Analysis cards, so it will be easier to find back that analysis you’ve performed from the Analyses page!


Descriptive titles for Analysis cards

Starting with this release, Analysis cards will be named according to the data that goes into, or comes out of, an analysis. This will make it easier to identify past analyses by the combination of their title, as well as by the App icon.

   Pro tip: Try renaming an Analysis card by hovering over its title and pressing the pen icon!


  • Basket MSA could give inaccurate grouping in rare cases.
  • Basket MSA did not persist across a page refresh.

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