February 17, 2022

IGX Platform 4.3

With this release, the Files page gains improved search functionalities that enable you to search on any tag, as well as on the upload date. Finding your files has never been easier! Moreover, we’re keeping you more informed on your Analysis Runtime usage, and capture more information from MiXCR output.


Powerful search functionalities for Files

The Files page allows you to search by tag key and value, as well as by uploaded time.

Get notified when your Runtime is low

When your Runtime use reaches 70%, 90%, or 100%, you will receive a banner notification as a reminder.

Constant region genes in MiXCR

When processing data using the MiXCR app, we now call and tag C region genes.


  • Fixed an issue with entering decimal points/commas in tags.
  • Fixed IGX-Annotate penalty configuration requiring a selection to start.

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