February 2, 2022

IGX Platform 4.2

With the release of Basket – think: a shopping cart for sequences on steroids – the IGX Platform again raises the bar on continuous improvement, bringing powerful new features without compromising on its usability and user-friendliness.


New feature: Basket

The new Basket environment in the IGX Platform is like an advanced shopping cart for antibody candidates. It is the place dedicated to making the final selection of your sequences. Throughout the IGX Platform, interesting antibody candidates can be sent to Basket, where an intuitive interface allows head-to-head comparison of the selected candidates. The page provides a customizable view of different types of data, such as sequence (region) alignments, functional assay data obtained in the lab, or in silico predictions of exposed liabilities and developability metrics. Users can sort and rank the listed antibodies based on the properties they value most and easily identify top candidates for further development.


Improved MSA visualization

The multiple sequence alignment (MSA) visualization in IGX-Branch has received a rework, making it faster and more accurate. Users can now add many sequences to the MSA pane without delay, regardless of the sequence length. Moreover, when necessary, germline sequences are trimmed to make sure only relevant regions are visualized.