January 5, 2022

IGX Platform 4.1

After our major 4.0 update in November, IGX Platform 4.1 focuses on improvements to our back-end architecture, bringing a significant new feature, as well as improvements to the user experience and many small fixes.


New feature: Support for annotating ScFv amplicons

From version 4.1, our profiling apps support the annotation of ScFv constructs, amplified using either NGS or Sanger technology. The construct is automatically split by the detected linker sequence, and the individual receptor chains are paired into clones, which are grouped into single-cell collections.


Manual stepper input

The Minimum Cluster Size stepper in the Cluster Overview of IGX-Branch now allows manual input of values for easier filtering of clusters.


  • Fixed Cluster Overview exports in IGX-Branch taking a long time.
  • Improved the Cluster Overview loading time (up to 3x faster).
  • Improved column ordering of data exported from IGX-Branch.
  • Improved the user experience during file upload.
  • Further performance improvements to pages with long lists of files.
  • Various user interface improvements and minor bug fixes.

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