November 11, 2021

IGX Platform 4.0


New App: IGX-Annotate

IGX-Annotate enables high-throughput structural modeling of antibodies to accurately identify and annotate exposed liabilities. It provides an assessment of the developability of candidates by comparing the characteristics of your antibodies to those of clinically approved antibodies.

Configurable penalty scores for all evaluated liabilities and developability assessments allow you to effectively identify and prioritize the antibody candidates that fit your desired risk profile.

Sequence liabilities can be calculated directly from the cluster overview, as well as from the phylogenetic tree viewer, and can be overlaid as annotations onto phylogenetic trees or used in the cluster overview to identify clusters of interest.

New feature: Add chains to cells

Bulk data only consists of single chains, but those chains may have interesting properties that you would like to combine with the properties of your single-cell data. It is now possible to copy a light chain of a single-cell clone to one or more bulk clones. This makes it possible to predict exposed sequence liabilities using IGX-Annotate on these newly combined clones.

New feature: Use annotations from both heavy and associated light chains

The annotation legend in IGX-Branch can now be used to annotate heavy and light chains in the same tree. This means that trees built on only heavy chains can now be annotated using tags of the accompanying light chain.

In addition, we’ve improved the way we handle nodes that contain multiple sequences: you can now choose from a list of all sequences underlying a node and pick the one to show the annotations for.

New feature: Clustering on VDJ Amino Acids

We’ve further augmented the capabilities of IGX-Cluster to support clustering on the full VDJ amino acid sequence. This comes on top of the existing ability to cluster on the CDR3 amino acid sequence.


Overhauled Analysis page

Based on extensive user feedback, the analysis page has received its first major overhaul since the inception of the IGX Platform. The new page provides a clear overview of all past and current analyses, and gives you more control over the execution of individual analyses. Moreover, analysis cards now provide quick access to follow-up actions (e.g., starting IGX-Branch following a clustering run).

The dashboard shows you detailed information about your Analysis Runtime – providing more insight into your platform usage – and it provides a birds-eye view of running and queued analysis tasks within your organization.

Better clustering performance

We made significant improvements to the performance of IGX-Cluster, making it run up to 10x faster.


  • Addressed performance issues on pages with long lists of files.
  • Various user interface improvements and minor bug fixes.


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