NOVEMBER 21, 2019

IGX Platform 1.1


Updated IGX-Profile


The amount of data typically generated in repertoire sequencing experiments is ever increasing. In order to keep the user experience at its best, data processing tools, such as IGX-Profile, need to co-evolve. We are proud to release IGX-Profile 2.0; various speed improvements in the alignment procedures, memory usage and a complete rewrite of the program to a more robust programming language have enabled IGX-Profile to scale up to billions of sequences.


Technical variation can be introduced at various stages in the process and should be accurately corrected in order for repertoire sequencing data to have biological and therapeutic meaning. It is of importance to perform a thorough quality inspection on every individual sample as well as on the batch as a whole, turning quality control into a laborious process.

IGX-Inspect is an App to analyze the quality of raw sequencing data (FASTQ) as well annotated clone summaries processed by IGX-Profile. Batch and sample level quality statistics are coupled through interactive visualizations, allowing users to easily identify batch effects, and perform thorough inspection on samples of concerning quality. The app features the following plots:
– Average Sample Quality
– Average Base Quality
– Read Length Distribution
– Read Fate Distribution
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