5 Oct 2018

CSO of ENPICOM Gives Keynote Lecture at ByteMAL Conference 2018

Nicola Bonzanni, CSO of ENPICOM, Gives Keynote Lecture at ByteMAL Conference 2018

Dr. Nicola Bonzanni, CSO of ENPICOM, has been invited to give a keynote lecture at byteMAL 2018 on October 5. Nicola will give a lecture about immunotherapies and the use of innovative bioinformatics methods to develop biomarkers able to stratify and monitor immunotherapy patients. Nicola will also be available during the breaks to discuss employment opportunities at ENPICOM with the audience.

byteMAL(Bioinformatics for Young inTernational researchers) is a conference for young researchers in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology and aims to provide a new networking platform for knowledge and expertise exchange across borders. To vitalize the communication amongst researchers from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, there will be three independent conferences held in Maastricht, Aachen and Liège. The conferences are especially aimed at young researchers – master students, PhD students, and Post-docs. It will give participants the opportunity to learn top-notch research from experienced professors in the same field, present their current work on posters, and discuss their own developed tools and approaches with each other.

You can find more information about this conference here.