IGX Platform

Unique data handling with IGX

Clone Browser

The Clone Browser constitutes a critical component of the IGX Platform and is designed specifically to organize and query immunomic data. 

  • Instead of using folders to organize studies, the IGX Platform offers an extensible tagging system to capture any kind of annotation or metadata. The predefined set of tags follows the AIRR standard, but user-defined tags can be added. Tags can be descriptive (e.g. a study identifier, or a disease diagnosis) or quantitative (e.g. affinity or avidity), providing virtually infinite ways to organize your data.

  • The filter functionality is a powerful way to perform highly customizable searches. You can search through large volumes of repertoire sequencing data and look for any combination of tags and values; you can look for specific patients, genes, or sequences of interest, while taking into account paired chain information. Filters can be applied for various purposes, e.g. to find the right samples for downstream analysis, or to browse for your clone of interest.

End-to-end workflows

The IGX Platform bridges the gap between repertoire sequencing and the insights to improve human health. Data handling, raw sequencing data processing and innovative downstream analyses are seamlessly integrated to accelerate biological discoveries and development of immunotherapies

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