IGX platform

IGX specifics

Flexible at the frontend

IGX currently supports Illumina FASTQ data from BCR (heavy, lambda, and kappa) and TCR (alpha and beta) sequencing experiments from both DNA and RNA of human and murine samples

First-in-class clone identification

Extensive head-to-head benchmarking studies versus popular tools in the field show that IGX-Profile show IGX-Profile’s superior performance in the correct identification of both B and T cell clones

Always up-to-date

The cloud-based IGX Platform allows users to have instant access to the latest version

Version control

All previous versions of Apps can be used for analyses in order to ensure perfect reproducibility of results and consistency during the entire drug development process

Scale according to your needs

The granular up- and out scaling of resources in the IGX Platform ensures maximal responsiveness and execution performance when analyzing large datasets

Securely cloud deployed

All communication to and from the platform is encrypted and validated by a certified independent authority in order to ensure secure and private access